Est. 1981

Legendary Green-Timber Hunting.

the story

From beginning to now.

Vintage photo of Rick Hampton holding mallards after a succdesful hunt in the legendary Arkansas flooded green timber of Arkansas.

The Beginning

Two Rivers Duck Club was founded by Rick Hampton in 1981 as a commercial duck guiding service offering day hunts to local and out-of-state hunters.

Mallards flying off the water in Arkansas flooded green timber at Two Rivers Duck Club


The Hunt.

Videos and photos showing hunts from past seasons. More coming this 2022-2023 Arkansas duck season. Stay tuned.

Sunflowers planted at Two Rivers Duck Club. One of the 600 acres in food plots at the clulb.

It never ends

Land Projects.

See what land development & management projects are going on at Two Rivers to create important wintering waterfowl habitat.

Collecting data and banding a mallard duck at Two Rivers Duck Club in Arkansas. Aging the waterfowl at Two Rivers Duck Club.

Not just about the hunt


According to the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Two Rivers and the surrounding areas are used as the primary wintering grounds for approximately 50% of all mallards migrating through the Mississippi Flyway. With aggressive habitat management, public-private partnerships and federal conservation programs, we aim to keep it that way.

We shall never achieve harmony with land, any more than we shall achieve absolute justice or liberty for people. In these higher aspirations the important thing is not to achieve, but to strive.

Aldo Leopold

Vintage photo from a succesful green timber hunt at Two Rivers Duck  Club.

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