Vintage photo of hunters in the pit blind at Two Rivers Duck Club Hunters proudly showing off their limits of green-timber mallards after a succesfull day of hunting at Two Rivers Duck Club

The History

over 40 years in the making.


From Beginning to Now.

Vintage photo of Rick Hampton holding mallards after a succdesful hunt in the legendary Arkansas flooded green timber of Arkansas.

The Beginning

Two Rivers Duck Club was founded by Rick Hampton in 1981 as a commercial duck guiding service offering day hunts to local and out-of-state hunters.

Vintage Footage

Founder Rick Hampton Speaks on the Hunt at Two Rivers Duck Club.

Since the beginning, Two Rivers Duck Club has been well documented with photos, videos & detailed harvest records. Rick Hampton took no hesitation to speak on television and other popular media outlets of the day to promote the club and it's commercial guiding service.

Rick Hampton moving decoys in Arkansas rice field at Two Rivers Duck Club in Brasfield, Arkansas